• JQ6500 MP3 Sound module


This MP3 sound module is an ideal alternative to the SONOS QSB's for programming power on/off and eject sounds to the XBOX 360, it is a standalone device and has more capacitiy to accept longer and higher quality sound MP3 sound files over programming directly to the consoles audio circuit for those sound action features, 16MB in fact. Comes with a button speaker to replace the inferior barrel speaker on the console or for use with the module and also 2 x 8 pin single row pin headers (unsoldered).

The JQ6500 mp3 module is a simple module that can play typical stereo or mono MP3 files. The controlling of this module can be done through buttons or a serial communication protocol. This kind of module works through two dissimilar modes to activate it like serial communication & AD button control.

In the first mode, the module is connected to a microcontroller and in the second mode, the module is controlled through switches. The modules include an onboard 2 MegaByte or 16Mbit Flash memory. Using Windows software to connect to the device via USB, MP3 files can be uploaded directly to your device. If you require fewer bitrate MP3s, then this is the best option.

Features of JQ6500 Module

The features of JQ6500 include the following.

  • The sampling rates supported by JQ6500 are 8 KHz / 11.025 KHz / 12 KHz /16 KHz / 22.05 KHz / 24/32 KHz / 44.1 KHz / 48 KHz
  • Output is 24-bit DAC, the support of dynamic range is 90dB & SNR is 85dB
  • Operates in three control modes, parallel port, serial port, & AD button
  • It supports FAT16 & FAT32 file systems, where the major supports are 32G TF card, 32G U disk, 64M bytes of NOR FLASH
  • It can be controlled by the serial port of the microcontroller to play sound files
  • Adjustable with 30 level & 10 EQ


The specifications of JQ6500 include the following.

  • Supports all types of bit rates like 11172-3 & ISO13813-3 sampling rate with audio decoding.
  • Supports different sound effects like Jazz, Normal, Classic, Rock, Pop, etc
  • Humidity ranges from 5% to 95%
  • UART Interface: TTL level, Standard serial port, baud rate can be set
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40℃ to 70℃
  • Input voltage: Power supply ranges from 3.2V to 5V, but power supply like 4.2V is the best
  • Normal DIP16 package
  • The Rated current is 20ma

JQ6500 MP3 Player Module Pin Configuration

The 16 pin configuration of the JQ6500 MP3 Player includes the following.

JQ6500 Pin Configuration
JQ6500 Pin Configuration
  • Pin K1 is a Playback of Audio 1
  • Pin K2 is a Playback of Audio 2
  • Pin K3 is a Playback of Audio 3
  • Pin K4 is a Playback of Audio 4
  • Pin K5 is a Playback of Audio 5
  • Pin SGND is a Ground
  • Pin ADKEY is an AD port
  • Pin BUSY is a Play Indicator
  • Pin RX UART is a serial data input
  • Pin TX UART is a serial data output
  • Pin GND is called Ground
  • Pin VCC 5V is used for power supply
  • Pin ADC_R is an Amplifier or Headphones (Right Channel)
  • ADC_L Pin is Amplifier or Headphones (Left Channel)
  • SPK- pin is a negative terminal of the speaker
  • SPK+ pin is a positive terminal of the speaker

Control Methods

The mp3 module can be controlled in five methods, based on the particular application; the suitable method can be selected.

  • Using push buttons, manual controlling can be done toward the ground like the K*, PL/PAUSE, NXT/PRV, SRC pins
  • Manual control with the help of resistors and buttons toward the signal the action requested is throughout the ADKEY pin
  • Limited control through infrared and the device can recognize using remote control codes, mostly to play the five hot-key files
  • Complete controlling can be done through an Arduino Library for the module. So this will give you control through some additional features like looping options, equalizer modes, direct access to several files over the SD Card, names of songs, etc.
  • The complete controlling can be possible through a protocol like serial communication on TX/RX

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JQ6500 MP3 Sound module

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