• X360 ACE V3+ (Corona only)

This diagnostic board is the successor to the ACE V 4.1 which is now discontinued. These development boards are pre-programmed and cant be programmed, they work great on Corona boards for repairs and diagnostics but do not work on Trinity boards.

These boards are quite easy to install and the great thing is, no need to trim the wires !, leave them uncut and you will get great boot times, the first one we installed and tested for diagnostic data instant booted, worse case was second cycle. 

Ideal for use with the Deluxe MTX SPI nand flasher, great if your only repairing the one console, happens to be a Corona and you want to save a few £££.

Some other factors to consider, your working on a Corona board, is it a 16MB nand or 4GB nand ?, if it is a 4GB nand then the MTX SPI nand flasher is no use to you, you will need to purchase an SD tool or 4GB nand re-write tool.

You may also need a postfix adaptor, a good indicator to needing one are resistors R2C6, R2C7 & R2C10 are missing, for a definitive answer, remove the heatsink and visually inspect to see if there are traces going to post

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X360 ACE V3+ (Corona only)

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